... To bleach, follow the instructions for your chosen product. Punky Colour (1) Salon Care (8) Wella (4) Type Search Type. All you need to do is add Punky Colour Serum Additive with Intrabond™ directly to the bleach mixture of developer and bleach powder and the rest is magic! Powder Bleach: E asily and safely lifts natural hair color from dark to pale blonde in one simple step. SEMI-PERMANENT, HAIR COLOR SWITCH: If you're ready to take that temporary look a little further, this semi-permanent hair colorant from Punky Colour will do just the trick. PUNKY COLOUR OFF™ HAIR COLOR REMOVER goes beyond these types of products. $11.25. Super Concentrated. Get $10. Punky Colour Bleach Kit This kit can be used to lighten hair and pre-lighten before using Punky Color semi permanent hair colour for bright, funky results Each kit includes; Jerome Russel Creme Peroxide 40 Volume 100ml (3.4 oz) Jerome Russell Powder Bleach 25 gm Plastic gloves Tint Brush We recommend doing a strand tes The punky color hair dye is typically an attrition to the Jerome Russell Punky Color, as this is the most popular iteration.Similarly, this is a semi-permanent conditioning hair dye that helps pull off the Punky Color look. Simply mix the bleach powder and peroxide together to activate the bleach. This is bleach and as such it bleaches your hair. FAQ 105% Best Price Guarantee Shipping & Delivery Returns & Exchanges Wholesale Accounts Contact Us. Mix only in glass or plastic bowl. The color fades in up to 25 shampoos so you can try a trendy color and transform your style without committing to a new color … Give $10. Detailed instructions and pre-measured ingredients give even the novice the tools needed to lighten hair at home. With over 30 years experience, Jerome Russell is a world leader in the hair color industry. Apply Jerome Russell bleach to dry hair. I left the bleach on for about an hour. Unavailable In Your Country. Colours reflect my season of … Punky Colour 40 Vol Bleach Kit Use alone or before apply Punky Colours - Maximum Color effect - All in one kit contains everything needed to pre-bleach, including concise instructions for use. Whether it's to add a new color or to get your hair that ethereal shade of white you've been craving, this bleach will get you there. The listing you're looking for has ended. Quick View Save ion. Jerome Russell. Products that I used: jerome russell Punky Bleach Kit 40 Volume, Clamshell, 3.4 Ounce Jerome Russell Punky Colour Cream Flamingo Pink Jerome Russell Punky Colour Cream Violet - 3.5 Fl oz. Jerome Russell LIGHTEST & BRIGHTEST Powder Bleach, Super Concentrated for Highlighting, Frosting, Hair Bleaching (w/Tint Brush) ((Set of 2 packettes x 25g)) $8.99 - $10.99 Punky Platinum Blonde Toner Conditioning Hair Color, Vegan, PPD and Paraben Free, 3.5oz Wait 36 hours between applications. Use Jerome Russell's plastic tint brush to apply immediately. Since 2013, Punky Colour by Jerome Russell has been my go-to “fun colour” option. Every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks I bleach my roots with Wella Colorcharm powder lightener (Wellite) with a 20 volume developer. Color Correcting. Share - PUNKY COLOUR HAIR DYE. Punky Colour Hair Mask with Intrabond™ Hair Repairing Complex . Bleaching your hair without the assistance of a professional stylist is a risky endeavour. ... 1 oz of Powder Bleach with 2 oz of Cream Peroxide Developer. Punky Colour - Jerome Russell Punky Color is semi-permanent conditioning hair color. Frosting (7) Moisturizing (2) Tipping (5) Product Line Search Product Line. Punky Colour powder bleach 30pcs x 1oz (0) (0) $99.99 USD. I process it for 40 minutes. Quick Shop. After that, I tone using the Sand blonde permanent color. I used it on my daughter's hair, which is very dark, and it lightened enough that I could color it a bright pink. Hair Color. Simply because I love them, I decided to do a Punky Colour review. For best preparation of punkie semi-permanent colors Kit includes: gloves tint brush powder bleach *Easy *No fuss. Punky bleach kit is now available in a complete, all-in-one kit, leaving your hair beautifully bleached blond or prepared for dyeing! Get $10. Achieve vivid, long-lasting Punky Colour results by pre-lightening dark hair with this all-in-one kit. I used it on my daughter's hair, which is very dark, and it lightened enough that I could color it a bright pink. Directions: Mix equal amounts of Lightest & Brightest" with Jerome Russell Cream Developer (available in 30 and 40 vol). Powder Bleach. Outrageous color on bleached or chemically treated hair, highlight effects on darker hair-no peroxide required.