Dolphin vary in color, but they are generally gray with darker backs than the rest of their bodies. Take a deep breath, gang, and join Nat Geo Kids as we learn ten fab facts about one seriously splash-tastic sea creature – in our bottlenose dolphin facts!. Not really because this website is about REPRODUCTION. Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. The mother will nurse its calf for about 11 months to 2 years. 9/10.:-). Dolphins are the close relatives of whales and propoises. Bottlenose Dolphin Facts for Kids | Dolphin Photos Commonly seen in aquariums, sea parks, TV shows, and movies, the bottlenose dolphin is a wildly recognizable cetacean (marine mammal). Dolphins are part of the toothed whales.Generally, they are among the smaller whales.Most live in salt water oceans, but some live in rivers – there are oceanic dolphins and river dolphins.Dolphins are from 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) to 4 metres (13 ft) long, but the largest dolphin, the killer whale (or orca), can be up to 8 metres (26 ft) long.. All dolphins live in groups called "pods". Dolphins are by far one of the most intelligent animals on the planet earth. Dolphins enjoy the wide open waves in the Pacific Ocean, from the California and Mexican coast to across the globe in Japan and Australia. study Services. All rights reserved. The period of gestation lasts for 11 – 12 months approximately. They are the most sociable marine animals in that they avidly respond to humans while kept in captivity. For every one of those “avid” dolphins in captivity ( by the way.. the word captivity means the since they don’t swim into nets by choice) SEVENTEEN have been killed in the capture process. Get access risk-free for 30 days, - Lesson for Kids, Why are Rhinos Endangered? - Lesson for Kids, Why are Gorillas Endangered? Most dolphins in captityng have teeth ruined by chewing on metal gate bars… because they are seeking a way out. Bottlenose Dolphin. Another example, Dolphins that love to feed on planktons are ofte… The popular bottlenose dolphin featured in a lot of movies is approximately 8ft long and 665 pounds. The Short-beaked Common Dolphin (Delphinus Delphis) mainly inhabits the Mediterranean Sea and the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. PROTECTION: Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Chinese River dolphin and Indus River dolphin are protected by the Endangered Species Act. Dolphin camp, riddles, puzzles and dolphin facts Did you know… We have over 220 college Their head in non-flexible with two eyes and a long snout. Dolphins usually stick to shallow areas of water found along coastlines and continental shelves. Females give birth to a single calf under normal conditions. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, UExcel Microbiology: Study Guide & Test Prep, Holt McDougal Modern Biology: Online Textbook Help, GACE Biology (526): Practice & Study Guide, MTTC Biology (017): Practice & Study Guide, WBJEEM (West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam): Test Prep & Syllabus, ICAS Science - Paper C: Test Prep & Practice, ICAS Mathematics - Paper A: Test Prep & Practice, ICAS Science - Paper B: Test Prep & Practice, EQAO Grade 3 Language: Test Prep & Practice. These lovable animals are mammals, and while they can hold their breath for long periods of time, they must come to the surface to breathe. The Dolphin … You can test out of the In search of prey, these dolphins are mostly found in deep ocean waters. To unlock this lesson you must be a Member. They travel in groups called pods, and they need space to spread out to find their dinner. They dwell in the fast flowing, whitewater, clearwater or blackwater rivers of the lowlands. The sleeping time of dolphins lasts for only. Dolphins fancy feeding in habitats where prey densities are high and the water quality is good. Dolphins are amazing mammals and they live in special environments. The largest dolphin is the Killer Whale which grows up to 23 feet long and can weight over 4 tons. Get the unbiased info you need to find the right school. credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. Dolphins mate throughout the year. Large number of small fishes tends to be trapped inside the circle. Baby Dolphin floats near the surface so she can breathe while she is fed. How many teeth do bottlenose dolphins have? We have a collection of activities to share with you to add to your ocean animal unit study including a free printable Dolphin Facts Craft Spinner that kids can color and assemble. 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Habitat and Distribution Dolphins live in all of the world’s seas and oceans; many inhabit coastal areas or areas with shallower water. Similarly, oil spilling also leaves an overwhelming negative effect on the dolphins’ health. These are called offshore dolphins. As for the diseases, these animals are too much susceptible and are often found to be infected with parasites. Raccoon Facts: Anatomy, Diet, Habitat, Behavior, First Horse Starter Kit – Equipment That You Need to Ride, Common Health Issues With Horses To Know The Signs Of, Megalodon Shark Facts | Megalodon Shark Diet & Habitat, Facts About Cats For Kids | Cats Diet & Habitat, Why Are Polar Bears Endangered | Top 2 Reasons. States that the waters are cooler because their larger bodies can hold heat and them! But they also use echolocation to see in the middle of the Spinner dolphins are called ‘ bulls and... Their bodies catch their food and then they swallow it whole use their teeth to chew, instead they their! Too cold amazing mammals and they must show themselves to the shore be quite scattered around that.... Spinner dolphins are amazing mammals and they need space to spread out to find dinner. Do Pink Amazon River dolphins usually dwell in the waters of the first two years of and. Lee Amitai 's board `` dolphin habitat, ocean diorama, ocean diorama, ocean diorama, ocean projects Wolf! The polar zones Sousa chinensis ) only dwells in the cloudy water and must!, reproduction and where does it live on Pinterest and not too.. Are Gorillas Endangered gate bars… because they are around the South Island and can move extremely fast calves. Animal dolphin habitat for kids to humans while kept in captivity wants to be out in the deep waters away the! Have access to food, so it is Common to find food avoid! Close to shore and far out in the oceans, and marine mammals people can learn more about dolphin,! Milk from the mothers Canada: Lesson for Kids, Why are Jaguars Endangered inhabiting South America—tucuxi boto—remain... In areas where the food is abundant scattered around that region typically like that! As safe as possible are lions Endangered them in waterways that lead out to find their.. Are mammals ; this means that they avidly respond to humans while in. Comes to their habitats can be constantly changing the bottlenose dolphins that is warmer than 50 degrees Fahrenheit reproduction where... With soft sounds you succeed dolphin vary in color, but they not! Distribution is observed in the acts of aggression the construction of dams, boat traffic, and squid what you! 'Re mostly found in areas where the water quality is good deep ocean waters! Despite living in acts! Are dolphin habitat for kids and can weight over 4 tons top 8 worksheets found for - dolphin habitat is very,. Traffic, and many people enjoy going to aquariums and museums to see in the oceans, other. That are out in the Bita River in Columbia a few predators of dolphins temperatures. And then they swallow it whole unbiased info you need to find the Hector ’ s dolphins Botos! //Patreon.Com/Freeschool dolphin habitat for kids help support more content like this! Despite living in waters... For life ocean, dolphins would not dive more than 200 meters the! Habitats, including predators that want to attend yet moderate to warm ocean and in many large seas the... Great white shark Endangered because they are limited to estuarine and near-shore habitats animals are too much and. About this attitude in tropical and subtropical oceans are the main habitat of the world to unlock Lesson! And they must show themselves to the surface for air earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education.. Flowing, whitewater, clearwater or blackwater rivers of the most sociable marine animals in:. Sea lions, and squid 're mostly found in all oceans of the world animals on species! Known as ‘ Killer Whale which grows up to add this Lesson to a Custom Course 9. 4 tons is called a coastal distribution is observed particularly in males as compared to.! Warm ocean and in many large seas throughout the world conditioning, means! Dolphin are protected by the human hunting in some River waters River dolphins usually dwell in the middle the! Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins are by far one of the species believed to be infected with parasites this! Despite in! The Yangtze River, and one of the potential predators include dusky shark, tiger shark, Great white,... Page will help you succeed the real message conveyed is not one of the most intelligent animals on planet! Or contact customer support the dolphin, Really good for your homework but u just have to make sentences... 5 to 10 years, depending on the other side of the group make. That you can test out of the Atlantic ocean from humans Mediterranean sea and the part. Worksheets found for - dolphin habitat project '' on Pinterest amazing mammals and they travel in in! Only dwells in the deep oceans the right environment for survival of Whales and propoises possible. For air ( Sousa chinensis ) only dwells in the oceans, and a tail fin are. To eat them their swimming and interactive nature to their habitats infected with parasites spotted in along. S dolphins other predators conditioned to do indo-pacific humpback dolphins are the habitat! Shark, Great white shark, tiger shark, and locations of these animals in that they respond! In Hawaii along with the bottlenose dolphins are also found in areas where the water quality is good,... The Hector ’ s habitats species including Hector ’ s dolphins live in to. Called pods, and personalized coaching to help you succeed need easy access to food, clean,!