When you search for information, you're going to find lots of it . Any website should make it easy for you to learn who is responsible for the site and its information (see Question 1). To have an appropriate teaching material, teachers will have to work hard in the Internet. C&RL News (July/August 1998): 522-523. Do you help visitors avoid mistakes? Make these resources easy to find, read, and search. Evaluate Websites How do I Evaluate Websites? User Satisfaction Your company's website serves as a window into your business and is often the first impression a potential customer has of your services, products, and company���s reason for being. ( Log Out /  You will have to determine that for yourself, and the CRAAP Test can help. What's in it for them? Ten criteria to evaluate a website Today, searching information in the Internet is very popular with many people, especially teachers and learners. Core Technology – What’s the base programming technology? Customers will not trust the website at all, and there is a possibility that they will leave negative reviews elsewhere on the internet. Anyone can create a Web site, and usually, there aren't standards to evaluate the quality and accuracy of the information. Is it open source or commercial? 10 Key Criteria for Evaluating a Digital Agency Published on October 21, 2016 October 21, 2016 • 15 Likes • 6 Comments. Evaluating Websites When using the Internet, you must remember that it lacks any kind of quality control and it is not regulated in any way. 10. Use words, phrases, and ideas that are familiar to your audience, and avoid computer jargon that few really understand. Are you speaking their language? Can you easily navigate this website? All rights reserved. Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is a good indication of how your visitors feel when they come to your site and if they are really engaging with your content. My Criteria: I think that the website is not professional at it needs a complete redo where they make the colors better and get rid of the childish graphics and fix up … The website should be safe to use and should protect the information of the users. Phase 3: Processing. … 4. [online] Available at: