Taxonomy. Subordinate Taxa. Language. Piper leonense C.DC. It is a medicinal plant known to provide both medicinal, insecticidal, culinary and dietary benefits to human beings. (Piper guineense) WEST AFRICAN PEPPER PROPERTIES. – Catalan: pebre of Guinea – French: Le Poivre des Ashantis EPPO Code: PIPGU. Common Name (English): Climbing black peper or Benin pepper. Social cookie. They collect information about the displayed advertisements, help to improve and correctly manage the display of advertisements on the web service. Piper clusii (Miq.) Genus. Generated by Google services (for example reCaptcha, Youtube, search. C.DC. & Thonn. thomeanum C.DC. 1. Guinea pepper (Piper guineense) is a gnarled vine native to West Africa, which is used as a substitute for black pepper (Piper nigrum). The fruit of Guinea pepper fruit is a drupe mesocarp or fleshy, oval, 5 mm in diameter. They are used to store information about the visit and meet the following requirements: Cookies are associated with an anonymous user only. Cookies do not usually store sensitive information about the person, such as credit cards, bank details, photographs, personal information, etc. Piper guineense contain 5-8% piperine which gives them there heat or piquantness. Piperaceae + Synonyms. Nigerian spices are common spices you can find within the country. web interface by + Taxonomy - Selected species The largest number of Piper species are found in the Americas (about 700 … Medicinal Alchornea cordifolia is an important medicinal plant in African traditional medicine and much pharmacological research has been carried out into its antibacterial, antifungal and antiprotozoal properties, as well as its anti-inflammatory activities, with significant positive results. We are going to be discussing the health benefits of uziza leaves and the fruits. Plant climbing up a tree trunk Photograph by: Scamperdale. To collect anonymous statistical information to improve quality. For example, in the Northern and Central Sudan the Arabic wor St