In this measuring method the step-down transformer above is not used anymore – the normal transformer connection is maintained, with the mains voltage being regularly applied to the transformer primary through the existing circuit of the set under repair. Microwaves can have 2000 volts of electricity in the high voltage circuit and can easily lead to injury or death. It's not clamped as in the drawing. Why Is Your Washer Leaving Marks On Your Clothing? Under 3 amps the problem is in the LV circuit. Your feedback on the post is welcome. If the diode appears to be unaffected, it may be tested with the aid of a volt-Ohm meter that has the capacity for handling diodes. } if (document.getElementById("af-body-413914580")) { Therefore, the problem is located from the transformer on. (function() { Thanks for sharing. It is remarkable that this Panasonic microwave oven was defect twice before and now already fixed a third time, but still was fixed! This approach leads to some features: increased safety, avoided possibility of arcing, distributed dissipation and the possibility to improve the selection of resistors to be combined aiming at getting the correct values using existing resistor in the workshop, and.