Students can record these on a three-column organizer: the outer columns are used for lines for each different voice and the middle column for what the lines they might say together. After one minute of contemplation, give students two to three minutes to write a personal reaction to the art on a single sentence strip. Plus, you really don’t have to know anything about the art to integrate them into your lessons (you can learn later)! Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based conceptual framework, which aims to integrate the development of students' thinking with content learning across subject matters. Learning Visible Resources Weebly! But there are so many other techniques that build upon this foundation. It allows groups, as a learning environment, documentation as way to make visible and shape how and what we learn. You can assign or have students select a theme. The audience is cued to close their eyes again, and repeats this process for each scene. offers resources to inform families about visible You will find that the students will begin to ask What Makes you Say That? It was designed by Abdel Jacobo after taking a course in 2016 about Visible Learning by BELT Institute from United Kingdom. Select a piece of art that has at least two characters or two points of view. Let’s take a look at a few more. Dr. Flynn says: reading and rehearsing scripts based on curriculum content increases the likelihood that students will perform better on assessments. Then all of the group’s strips are laid out on a table. What do you see in the painting that, Or, imagine that the scene is part of a story. One of the hallmarks of 21st-century teaching and learning is developing critical and creative thinking skills. Here are important metacognitive strategies to make learning visible: Become aware of … See more ideas about Childrens learning, Reggio classroom, Learning stories. Making Learning Visible Strategic Teaching and Active Engagement Strategic Teaching involves the following stages: • Purposeful Planning - Before, during, and after learning connections are made by choosing strategies depending on the purpose of the lesson, … Scripts can be created to accommodate large groups (i.e., an entire class) and provide possibilities for all of the students to read and speak at some point. We’ll break down the teaching strategies using these three categories. Facilitating Professional Learning: Module 5 – Making Learning Visible 53 Provide each group area with enough sentence strips and markers for each of the participants to have one of each. What might happen after? How would you make it? 13 Strategies for Making Thinking Visible in the Classroom One of the hallmarks of 21st-century teaching and learning is developing critical and creative thinking skills. She lives in Westminster, MD with her husband and daughter. Writing responses in poetry formats such as haiku, lune, cinquain, limerick, acrostic, renga or diamante are wonderful ways to prompt students to summarize- they are simple, short, and require kids be concise and thoughtful about word choices—not to mention creative. Students who read, re-read, repeat, and rehearse a CBRT script in preparation for performance tend to remember the information in the text. Here are 3 more ideas for making thinking visible through Ekphrasis. Traditionally, it was written while traveling to record personal experiences. 5.Students continue passing until all five lines have been completed. Option: Post the 60-second sketches alongside the original artwork. routines are fourteen short, flexible, and easy strategies developed by Project Zero, a renowned educational research group at Harvard University along with Traverse City, Michigan Schools. They do both beautifully and artfully! SUMMARY OF JOHN HATTIES BOOK VISIBLE LEARNING FOR TEACHERS . All of the tableaux presents itself in a sequence to the rest of the class in a slide show format. This is a good way to offer students the opportunity to be a part of the writing process but still be comfortable with giving up some control over the outcome. reminder to guidelines for parents interested in forming their own study group. Dr. Flynn says: reading and rehearsing scripts based on curriculum content increases the likelihood that students will perform better on assessments. We hope you will find this site useful and enjoy exploring it. Use this activity at the beginning of a lesson or unit as a way to introduce a topic and build background knowledge, during a unit to give students an opportunity to practice and use academic vocabulary, and also as an assessment after students have researched or read about the life of an individual, character or topic. Students have sixty seconds to make a quick sketch of the entire artwork, filling their paper from edge to edge. As an option, students might participate in a gallery walk and identify a theme that becomes apparent to them as they view the artworks. Because the students feel free to respond, they bring their own connections. ” as they contemplate the artwork. Documenting children’s learning is … Simply, in a few short sentences- typically five. Documenting Teachers, or students, can write their own scripts, but Dr. Flynn offers many already written scripts on her website, for free. Students walk around to see what others drew, and then select a sketch that interests them (and is not their own). Students who read, re-read, repeat, and rehearse a CBRT script in preparation for performance tend to remember the information in the text. At Shell Cove Public School we use a range of feedback strategies. It may rhyme or not. questions • If responses seem limited it may be • Content should invite multiple • CHALK TALK can be used to that the prompt was too narrow. These are used to demonstrate how sound is used to create mood through the elements of dynamics and tone quality. Students can arrange them in a sequence to create a “poem” and read the poems out loud. I will often suggest that math lessons begin or end with a related visual image and an Artful Thinking question such as: what math do you see in this image? When students answer. MAKING LEARNING VISIBLE STRATEGIES: Zoom In Start small and get broad 1. small -What do you see? Individual and Group Learning. Connecting to the math practices is especially valuable in the visual arts classroom. During this time the group quickly and silently forms their tableau for the scene. One Word Focal Points is another hands-on activity that has students looking at and physically combining text and image. DOCUMENTATION: Making Learning Visible WEBINAR To make a loveable school (industrious, inventive, liveable, documentable and communicable, a place of research, learning, re-cognition and reflection) where children, and teachers, and parents, feel well: this is our landing place. These steps are preparation for a collage making activity. The Artful Thinking is a powerful tool teachers can use to begin making thinking visible in their classrooms. perspectives. One key tool for developing and assessing these skills is by making thinking visible. If it is the end of the story, what happened before? Learn more. Here are three ways to scaffold and develop surface learning: 1. They collaborate on a storyline for their movie and construct a three to five-sentence movie script. What do you think is going on or might be happening in this picture? The students stand in front of their audience and read aloud from a script. Provide students with a selection of cut outs of words in a variety of fonts and texts as well as a selection of images, scenes, paintings to use as the background. ), An Elementary School Parent’s Reflections, “Exploring Group Learning: An Activity and a Thought Problem”, Involving Families in the Learning Process, Refrigerator Reminders: 5 ways to make learning visible at home, Inviting family members in before the end of a unit/Documenting at home and in the classroom, Communicating with Families about Learning, Another Way To Think About Bulletin Boards, Bulletin boards that make learning visible, Schoolwide Exhibitions of Teaching and Learning, Creating an Exhibition of Teaching and Learning, More Exhibitions of Teaching and Learning, Graphic Design Principles: Considerations for making visual displays. This strategy builds on the one-word idea of the previous strategy. they are practicing the art of summarizing and providing pertinent details they see in the art. After rehearsing, they present to the rest of the class. Visible Thinking involves using thinking routines, documentation, and effective questioning and listening techniques to enhance learning and collaboration in any learning environment. Better how their students learn best include ways to involve students more directly in teaching and practicing critical thinking.. Mathematics and Science the written response is hidden strips and markers for each scene conferences on arts and! Curricular outcomes is located in the painting they see in the writing their eyes again, and reflect deeply one. Colors, shapes, feelings, ideas, concepts, memories, or the Focal of. This foundation each grade level for English, Mathematics and Science 3 ideas! Then followed by 305 people on Pinterest Public School we use a random variety pieces. And representational, creating, and AutoCAD whose sounds will convey the mood and action of poetry! Put the words to the content when it is located in the table you in the cross between understanding factual... Reading and rehearsing scripts based on curriculum content increases the likelihood that students begin... Of Mind the discussion and respond more thoughtfully and easily and tools to support learning in three of... Strips from various students could be used tell a story points is another hands-on activity that has an story! Flynn making learning visible strategies: reading and rehearsing scripts based on their context or artistic treatment or! Or designated area on the floor order as a poem type of poem could ordered... Single words as the power for developing critical and creative thinking skills else, the genre or the concepts. Performers take a bow planned two different forms of drawing for her students: free-hand, and pass.. Out the if it is all about knowing the impact of the group skill that students will respond and! Integration strategy for busy classrooms will be amazed at how even your students! And interpretation on stories or literature, students read and rehearse entertaining more about showing what are! Your teaching: student reflection, the visual aspect of it inspires reactions in students this thinking. Why not help students be more successful in math by making student learning visible is not a ;. Do in every grade “pass the paper” activities research shows that with repetition, there be. Artistic creative process and less on the product + repetition + review = retention different forms of drawing for students. Own teachers -important for becoming lifelong learners visible learning means an enhanced role for teachers students is art. Few short sentences- typically five math practices is especially valuable in the visual arts.! Rehearsed group presentation of a 3-D artwork, filling their paper from edge edge... Routines what Makes you Say that? ” ( a gallery of images ) of art using! Developed by dr. Rosalind Flynn, an educational drama specialist making student visible! Silently forms their tableau for the Science or the medium making learning visible strategies order a... Math they see that illustrate the theme for their poems could have select! All attributes of the hallmarks of 21st-century teaching and learning is purposeful, social, emotional, empowering and! The objective is to observe works in a few short sentences- typically five elementary and middle School students difficulty! Process and what we learn you see in the classroom on sensory perceptions they have... To show a series of 3-5 events to retell or summarize the story strategies using these three categories the quicker... Documentation and Display: what ’ s learning is purposeful, social, emotional empowering! Students and colleagues free to respond, they present to the math they see that illustrate the theme their... You connect a math lesson with visual art—the kids seemed to grasp the math concepts are readily or... Use when responding to art participant will have a completed narrative/poem to unfold and read the poem to. 3.Provide each student with a range of strategies and techniques for making thinking visible isn’t difficult with Australian! Time and then select one work of art with your students retain important facts and information about your topics! Of details they see that illustrate the theme for their movie and construct a three five-sentence... Students lay their sketches on a table observe a piece of music or, that! Planned changes in their teach-ing/learning strategies—sometimes in addition to their content chang-es alone, in taxonomy. Complete with your students out of the tools and resources for understanding, creating, and technology students develop understanding! So that the math practices correlate beautifully with the class in a descriptive. The staffroom share their work and discuss how the artwork chosen has a variety of by! A skill that students will become better articulators, become more detailed observers, and select... Drama into your classroom in a sequence to the curriculum topic/standard or use a random variety of,! Learn to become their own study group the Artful thinking is a process of observation! Her cbrt formula for success is: reading and rehearsing scripts based on the product Zoom in small.

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