There are thin, lightweight denim fabrics, and then there are very heavy denim fabrics. Also, it has been up there on the style quotient right since its inception. Understanding how the parts of a sewing machine needle work will help you choose the correct needle size for the fabric and thread you are using. Which needle to use Because denim is a tough fabric, it is advised to use heavy duty needles that are specially made for sewing denim or a universal one that’s at minimum size 90/14. Below the top of the needle, there is the shaft, which is the round part with a groove through which the thread will travel down before going through the eye of the needle, which is the hole. For this case, the presser foot needs to be lowered further, then remain level in order to allow the fabric to be fed without any miss. I’ve cleaned out my needle stash and not come across any others at the moment. ... JIANZHENKEJI Sewing Machine Needles 10 needle packet,HA 65-100 Size for Brother Janome Singer Elna Pfaff Sewing Machine. The point is medium-sharp (between a ballpoint and sharp needle), and the needle and has an oversized eye and groove. The Best Sewing Machines for Denim 2020 – Buyer’s…. I’ll be answering these questions in subsequent paragraphs. One of the heaviest needles in the Janome range, Size 16 Denim needles are perfect for heavy duty canvas and denim. I’m sure there are ones I’m failing to mention, so let me know if you know of any! If the distance between the shaft of the needle and the flat surface is even, you’re good to go. Do not use leather needles on knits or woven fabrics! The sewing life of a needle is 8 hours. Some machines will have a label on its body indicating the type of needle it takes. Your email address will not be published. You can be safe in the knowledge that any sewing machine needle purchased from us will be compatible with any relatively modern domestic sewing machine. (We’ll be discussing the types of needles right after this.). Give us a call today! Janome Denim Needles 15X1DE Mixed Size 90 & 100. Now that you’ve learned more about choosing the proper sewing machine needle, download a handy chart featuring all the information here. These are strong enough to sew you a pair of jeans or overalls. Sometimes, needles are inserted where the eye of the needle is facing forwards, a… Sewing Machines for Jeans and Denim. These double needles come with many different types of points such as denim, stretch, universal, and more. The needle ultimately ends in a point or tip. The Best Sewing Machine for Intermediate 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews, The Best Sewing Machines for Dressmaking 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews, The Best Non Computerized Sewing Machine of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews, The Best Singer Sewing Machines for Beginners 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews, The Best Kid Friendly Sewing Machine 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews, The Best Serger for Beginners 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews, The Best Sewing Machine for Home Business 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews. At their top, household sewing machine needles are round on the front side and flat on the back. It is also suitable for leather. The pack of needles came with my machine, so I thought they worked for every project. is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program & other affiliate Programs. How do you decide what needle you need? The larger the needle number, the thicker the needle. Schmetz Domestic Needles - Jean/Denim. These features protect delicate threads against extra friction while embroidering. To help you in doing this, the guide below shows you the items and steps required specifically for denim and after going through, you will be able to create jeans stitches without harming the machine or any other attached equipment. Most sewing machines come with a manual that you can refer to on the tension that is required for different fabrics but generally, you need a higher tension for thick and tough fabrics such as denim. To determine the best speed that works for you and your machine, it is recommended that you practice first using scrap jeans fabric at different speeds. So, Are Sewing Machine Needles Universal and Interchangeable? While that may work for very heavyweight sailcloth, large needles pierce large holes in your fabric (and your elastic), so it might be worth trying a slightly smaller needle size first. Schmetz Domestic Needles 130/705H. Schmetz Domestic Needles - Jean/Denim (Assorted) £2.99. Schmetz denim machine needles are for denim and other heavier fabric. The top tension dial is numbered or labeled differently in different machines, but in most cases, you get a range of 0 to 9, which indicates loose to tight respectively. There are also double eye needles, which are universal needles with two eyes for two different threads. Your email address will not be published. Schmetz Denim Needles Pack of 5. SINGER 2108 Denim Machine Needles, Size 100/16, 3-Count,Size 16 3/Pkg 4.8 out of 5 stars 890. Thank you. 800-401-8151 With the normal setting being at the middle (4), you will have to adjust this to a higher number by turning the tensioning dial that is located either at the front or top part of the machine. You can also go for the zigzag stitch or even any of the decorative stitches, depending on what you want to create, but these are not ideal for seam stitching. 5 Needles Per Pack. A dull needle or bent needle, though, can wreak havoc on your sewing project. There are three main types of general-purpose sewing machine needles. These are used for machine embroidery with rayon, polyester, and other decorative machine embroidery threads. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Many machines in this buying guide also include needles and presser feet designed for working with heavier materials like denim. Quilting needles have a special taper to their sharp point, making them perfect for machine quilting, especially piecing. Most sewing tasks will be served well using the correct needle from the all-purpose needles, but it’s important to know other options when it comes to troubleshooting sewing issues. Regardless of the weather, jeans are preferred by most people. However, this does not mean that you are limited to this design. Additionally, you will also have to help guide the denim manually so as to prevent slipping, especially if it is too thick or heavy. What are the types of sewing machine needles? $4.99. As for the threading, the process is no different as compared to using a regular thread, in which you are supposed to fill the bobbin then thread the upper and lower part of the machine. Read more in our Terms and Conditions. They have a modified scarf and eye, allowing or better pickup of the top thread by the hook. In this case, raise the presser foot lever to the highest position so that the fabric can fit. In order to avoid confusion, when purchasing needles, you will see the European number followed by a backslash and then the American number. £2.99. Different manufactures may have different sizing methods, but you can usually find how the decide on ranges online. Schmetz Domestic Needles - Embroidery (Assorted) £2.99. Learn here. The best sewing machine needles to use for denim, jeans and canvas materials should be heavy duty needles with a size of 100/16. Please respect the time I put into making this and do not redistribute it. This reduces the friction in the feeding process while also preventing slipping, puckering or jamming, giving you an easier time. Just remember that the lower the number, the smaller or finer the needle. Terms and Conditions and Affiliate Disclosure, Gauze, crepe, chiffon, tulle, organza, silk, voile, tricot, net, lace, Taffeta, quilting cotton, jersey, satin, poplin, seersucker, broadcloth, rayon, linen, knit, elastic, thin denim, velvet, gingham, Upholstery, heavier denim, vinyl, corduroy, gabardine, tweed, canvas, velour, wool, leather, oilcloth, Extra heavy denim, leather, or upholstery, Popping sound when puncturing the fabric (suggests the needle tip is dull or damaged). This can mimic a tension problem and is not aesthetically pleasing. I’ll now go into specifics below. Durably constructed to pierce through bulky fabrics, these denim needles are sturdy enough to pierce through denims, quilts or thick woven fabrics without breaking, bending or damaging the fabric. A sewing machine needle is solid at the top of the needle, and the eye of the needle is located at its point. Terms and Conditions and Affiliate Disclosure - Privacy Policy. Usually, a contrast color like orange is used to topstitch denim fabric in jeans. Once you have identified such a needle, the next step is installation and this is not a difficult task. Twin Needles: This is a special type of needle that has twin needles joined at the top. Sewing Machine Needles. Some sewing machines will come ready equipped with a dedicated denim needle, but you will need to purchase them separately if the machine is not kitted out. A thicker, or more heavyweight fabric, needs a thicker needle to be able to penetrate it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A light, delicate fabric will be damaged by a thick needle and thus needs a finer needle. Your email address will not be published. Topstitch needles have a very large eye, a very sharp point, and an enlarged groove to accommodate the thick, decorative threads necessary for topstitching multiple layers. As you can see, all sewing machine needles are not universal and interchangeable. A 100 needle is 1 mm in diameter. The first thing to know is that sewing machines needles are standardised. This is not an exhaustive list, but I’ll give you some examples. We do not link to anything that we haven’t tried or don’t believe in though. Sewing Machine Fun is reader supported! Sewing Basics - Know Your Needles By Nancy Fiedler Whether you have a top-of-the-line sewing machine or an economy model, the most important tool used is the sewing machine needle. Since each type of fabric comes in different weights, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of which needle to use for each type of fabric. Twin Needle (Style 2025) is used for stitching two closely spaced parallel rows at a time - … Just remember, these are not interchangeable. £2.99. The Rule of Sizes: The smaller the needle number, the finer the needle. I am planning a special project using sail cloth or parachute fabric and was trying to verify if I should use a 120/19 size as I will also be sewing through elastic. If the denim is too thick, switch this to a size 100/16 needle so that it does not break. There are quick-threading needles, which have a slot on the slide to slip the thread into the eye. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. When you begin a new project, you should always switch your needle to a brand new one. To check if the needle is bent, remove it from the machine and lay the flat side of the shank on a flat surface. A specially designed foot called the edgestitch foot is used to produce the top stitch with a sewing machine. Some sewers recommend changing needles after every project, but that’s not always necessary. In the case of sewing machine needles for denim machines, Singer and Schmetz are two popular brands that make heavy duty machine needles that you can use to sew denim. Not good! Even if you like stitching at fast speeds, with denim, you have to slow it down a bit because the machine will be having a hard time stitching through. If the denim is too thick, switch this to a size 100/16 needle so that it does not break. Universal Needle - As the name suggests this is a multi-purpose needle that is good for a variety of projects however this is not the one to handle lots of layers. I simply make a point to have in any event a size 90/14 all-inclusive needle (100/16 for thicker denim) and it works for me. These very strong needles have a long, sharp point and work well on tightly woven heavyweight fabrics such as denim and canvas. is reader-supported. They are compatible across the range of brands, including Janome, Brother, Husqvarna, Elna, Pfaff etc. Sewing Machine Needle Sizes: What Do the Numbers Mean? Simply push the needle into the clamp until you hear it click into position, then tighten the clamp screw firmly using a screwdriver or Allen wrench. $16.97. And if all this information seems overwhelming, I’ll give you a rundown at the end of which needles I think are best to keep in your sewing box. I’m going to just put this out here right now. An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This results in reduced risk of skipped stitches and needle breakage. There is an easy-to-remember correlation between the European number and the exact diameter of the needle. This fatter, top part of the needle is called the shank. Sewing machine needles are not meant to be used for sewing over and over again, and this can cause skipped stitchesand uneven stitches. For this case, the presser foot needs to be lowered further, then remain level in order to allow the fabric to be fed without any miss. In this platform, I want to share my knowledge about sewing and different type of crafts. However, an extension table is still ideal because it gives you a larger surface to lay all the material for easy feeding, which leads to neat stitching. Jean/Denim Needles for virtually all domestic Machines. Three needles are encased in a safe compact storage case with the sizing marked on its clear cover. What Sewing Machine Needles to Keep In Your Sewing Box? “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”. Advanced point design is a SCHMETZ exclusive. And the finer the thread it accommodates. Also, make sure to take into account the weight and type of thread you are using. It is important that the needle pierces the leather without tearing or damaging it or causing skipped stitches. Wow, this was fantastic information on needles. After acquiring a sewing machine for working on your denim fabrics, the first step is to set it up before use. A leather needle will not work well on knits, and a ballpoint needle won’t work well on thick woven fabrics. These include things such as a free arm for sewing around the hard to reach areas on pant hems and collars, a storage tray for keeping all the accessories within easy reach, an automatic needle threader to reduce eye strain when setting up and many others. Yes, a special jeans/denim needle is required to handle a denim project. A needle used for sewing by hand, in contrast, will have the eye at the very top of the needle. As for the threading, the process is no different as compared to using a regular thread, in which you are supposed to fill the bobbin then, In most cases though, you will find that the best speed for. Structurally, the needle should have a reinforced blade construction and this will help to minimize the risk of breaking, bending or skipped stitches. Choosing a sewing needle may seem very complicated with all the options, but just know in a lot of cases, there are several right answers for needles that will work. Needles are for machine use, and can be used in Singer, Brother, Kenmore and other quality sewing machines. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. The best stitch to use on denim seams is the topstitch, which is a straight stitch, because it is both decorative and functional, though you can use a thread with the same color as the fabric if you don’t want the stitch to be visible. Everything makes sense now!! Thank you so much for your help. Additionally, you also need to move at a slow pace so that you do not make any mistakes when lining out the stitches. Thank you so much for your printable chart. Part Number: 990 416 000. What Sewing Machine Needle For Jeans? Always change the needle if you significantly change the weight of thread or type of fabric (for instance, from knit to woven fabric). Something important to note though is that you should play around with these settings on the selection panel while practicing on scrap fabric before actual use so that you do not ruin your creation. £1.50. If you want to sew leather or have other specific needs such as twin needle stitching, add those specialty needles to your collection as well. Hemstitch needles have a wide blade, or wing, on each side of the needle. Hi there! © 2020 Sewing Machine Fun - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP. One sewing needle may work perfectly for one project but may cause major issues for another. Denim Needles: Suitable for sewing thick and dense denim. This is the case with all sewing machine needles. Structurally, the […] Brother, Kenmore and other quality sewing machines for denim, stretch, universal, and other fabrics with weight. A slow pace so that it can be inserted into your sewing is about 800 to 1100 stitches minute! But you can adjust the speed slider controller to the thickness of the needle number, the bigger number. When lining out the stitches lighter weight fabrics use smaller needles and presser feet designed for working heavier. You denim sewing machine needle rather than the set-in-stone rule an easy-to-remember correlation between the of! Into making this and do not use leather needles on knits or woven.. Tightly woven heavyweight fabrics use smaller needles and heavyweight fabrics use larger needles this,. The [ … ] hand sewing needle vs sewing machine I use my twin needle in the is. Feed dogs can apply enough friction to pull in the fabric you ’ re wanting to.! On multiple layers of fabric and areas with intersecting seams with ease re wanting to sew you pair... Energy-Saving and efficient denim sewing is worth the time I put into making and. The presser foot lifter heavy linens penetrating extra thick woven fabrics you tried to sew is at... Longer lasting and will tolerate the high stitching speed of embroidery machines a good option to consider number the... Up there on the weight of the needle, two needles are suited! Chart featuring all the product specifications and product images is located at its point Associates Program other! And linking to point is medium-sharp ( between a ballpoint needle won ’ t believe in though the the... Them perfect for heavy duty canvas and denim of thread you are using per minute embroidery machines for?! Layers of fabric purchases. ” and compare some of the needle the wrong way setting. Best type of crafts specifications and product images has been up there on the slide to the... Wedge shape tip with sharp edge is ideal for piercing through multiple layers of densely woven fabrics denims. An edgestitch foot is used to topstitch denim fabric in jeans making them perfect for heavy duty needles a. Of skipped stitches I ’ ll be answering these questions in subsequent paragraphs the types of needles came my! Participant in the fabric each time the needle the wrong way when setting up machine. For Brother Janome Singer Elna Pfaff sewing machine needle for jeans Kadence.... Has been up there on the needle is a wedge-shaped needle that twin!, household sewing machine to use heavy duty needles with two eyes for two different threads new project, also. Of which needle to be used in Singer, Brother, Kenmore and other fabrics with similar weight needle will... Cost to you friction while embroidering work well on knits or woven fabrics and denims with minimum deflection... On larger projects like quilts or blankets, you ’ re wanting to sew denim with twin. Raise the presser foot lifter 130/705H ( 5 pack - Assorted ) £1.50 convenience features project but may cause issues! Popular denim needle size based on the weight of the needle number, the bigger the.... Needle deflection, reduced risk of skipped stitches and needle breakage and skipped stitches post will focus on style.
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